Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sir Donovan

Please, come gather. Like our Lord who radiates from above let me enlighten you into what brought a humble friar into the light of Pelor.

Many suns ago I found myself on the dark side of the law. Lying, stealing cheating. Anything my twelve year old self could get away with. I know it is hard to believe but once your Donovan was lost. However, it wasn't long until the brilliant Pelor himself sent a message. A message in the form of the town guard.

Your glistening knight was to be executed for robbing a Noble's purse. I pleaded with my hosts and they gave me a choice. Face the gallows or pledge your life to the monastery. Little did I know Pelor would be waiting for me with open, golden arms.

It was in those early years I slowly learned my purpose. Tending to the fields. Copying scripture. Hunting game. All under his intense dazzling light. Night where spent at study. For even by candlelight I was bathed in his awe inspiring glow. 

As the years passed I grew with my duties. I began to hold my own sermons and would even accompany the elders in missionary work with our dim, unenlightened brethren. In all this, something was not right. I was doing our Lord's work but I still felt this cloudy emptiness inside. Year by year this feeling called louder and louder. Then, one bright summer day it all went dark.

At noon the sun went black. Darkness covered the monastery. Screams pieced the halls. I gallantly took arms and rushed to help my kin. There in the main hall I saw it. Standing taller than a troll with red rough skin a demon was slaughtering our ranks. It's terrible horns and rows of teeth goring and chewing through us. With Pelor at my side, I charged into combat. 

With a mighty swing I cleaved at the creature but my blade merely bounced off it's thick hide.  Shortly after I found myself airborne. Tossed like a child throwing a ball. I crashed through our grand glass ceiling and saw only darkness. 

I awoke days later to find myself among only four survivors. Our Lord had a gleaming plan for I found myself not dead, but now illuminated. I knew my purpose. I was to hunt this demon and bring it to the light. I trained for years and now I search the land bringing the light of Pelor to all and snuffing out the darkness. 

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Sir Donovan

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  1. Nice backstory! Sir Donovan is on a mission from god.