Wednesday, June 3, 2015



Lazlo was orphaned at a young age and spent many years being sent from one foster home to another. Never neglected per se, he was always viewed as one extra mouth to feed and was expected to earn his keep. This meant slopping out pig sties and digging ditches, more often than not. However, blessed with a brilliant mind, such work could never hold his interest long and he was often found reading or working on some other project with his work unfinished. For this he was always punished and sent away to a new home.

Tiring of such a life, he ran away at the age of 10, and for a year he lived the life of a vagabond and thief, which, in a land as peaceful and fruitful as the Harkenwold, meant an easy life of sleeping in hay lofts and eating well from farmer's larders. He also That is, until he was caught by rangers in Aldbridge. Facing stern punishment, he managed to escape and fled south.

There he came upon the witch, Zelda, a kindly, though oft-befuddled old woman. It was here he found an outlet for his great mind. Watching the witch mix her potions and tinctures, Lazlo slowly began to piece together the workings of alchemy, which has no become his obsession.

Throughout his years of being sent to new homes, he has seen most of the Harkenwold. He has also spent a month or two apprenticing in various professsions. He is glib of tongue, quick of wit, and quick to learn what there is to know. He reads any book he can get his hands on--even if he has to steal it. He also has a disturbing fascination with blowing things up--but perhaps it's just his age.

Hates vanilla
Likes cloves
8 inch Cock
2 ales til drunk
Often dreams of giant lizards

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