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Sarken Toldorff:  A shepherd, trapper, and trader. He is the village elder. 50 years old. Gruff exterior. His yes is yes and his no is no. No bartering. This often hinders negotiations, but it has earned him the respect of the Briar Tribe. They often trade him animal pelts for warm woolen blankets and Harkenweed. He lives in い.

Trence Forlaugh is a middle eastern craftsman. He is agreeable and conscientious. He is quick to laugh and to invite you to a smoke. You have to give him something of interest if you want to learn the greater secrets of the smoking arts. They use sand from a nearby waterfall for their glassblowing.

Shepherds: 20 shepherds and their families lead flocks of goats and sheep into the surrounding Briar Hills. Prominent among these shepherds are The Long family, the Trasten family, and the Vess family.

Trasten Family:  Hotheaded and proud, Vel Trasten has the largest flock of sheep and the quality of Trasten wool is second to none in the vale. His oldest daughter, Dessa, is a brilliant cook, but an even more brilliant eater, taking after her now departed, portly mother. Vel also has two twin boys, Jace and Jaret, now 18, who are every bit as haughty as their father.

Gress Boodle
Stonecutters: 35 men and their families. They head to the surrounding hills to do their stonecutting. The Briar Hills are mainly limestone and sandstone. There is small trade in stone within the Harkenwold area, and the stones are too difficult to transport far. However, the Baron has been improving the castle and ordering better defenses in the vale, which has lead to an increase in both production and engineering creativity.

Typical Stone houses of Easthill
Gress Boodle the fishmonger and his three sons provide fish to the village. His oldest boy Jeb takes fish to Harken every Friday morning. He rides a small pony.

い: Is the glassblowers area. Master Trence has three acolytes and five students.  All of them are addicted to one or more drugs and they're all in relationships with each other.

ち:  In these huts live a family called the Rukets. They are shepherds known for inbreeding and buggering their sheep. They are generally shunned by the rest of the village and make their way on the other side of the river. They are often employed by by Clarence the tanner to do the dirtiest jobs. They often make meals of the the scrapings of the skins they cure.

Faith is a hot buxom lass whom Sebastian has a crush on.
Gwendolyn is another attractive woman. 

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